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elf Cosmetics Jkissa Makeup Palette Collection Editor Review

After Ditching Makeup For Months, This $20 Palette Reminded Me Why I Love a Bold Look

Image Source: e.l.f. Cosmetics / Instagram user elfcosmetics

Doing your makeup is kind of like riding a bike — at least that's what it felt like when I finally picked up a foundation bottle again this month. After weeks of not wearing anything but clear brow gel, I remembered how downright exciting it is to do my makeup. All my old rituals, patterns, and steps rushed back like a tidal wave, and I quickly started doing my makeup randomly in the middle of the day. Why? Well, not for Zoom meetings or a quick errand to the grocery store around the corner. I did it for me. These days, there's nothing more entertaining than scrolling through Instagram, saving a look I love, turning on my favorite playlist or podcast, and getting to work. An hour later, and I have a somewhat successful makeup look that I feel proud of and confident in.

The thing is, I used to spend five days a week at an office where I frankly didn't have time to experiment with my makeup. I had an average, somewhat predictable routine down that I rarely strayed from. But recently, I've gotten the urge to go bigger and bolder than ever before. The one downside: I don't actually own enough makeup that makes experimenting worthwhile. Most of my eyeshadows include neutral and earthy tones that are great in their own right, but not exactly what I'm looking for while self-isolating. Then, I tried the e.l.f. Cosmetics x Jkissa makeup collection filled with neon eyeshadows, glitter toppers, and funky brushes that make my new hobby burst with color.

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