Emilia Clarke Found Out She Was Allergic to Self-Tanner While Filming Game of Thrones

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Sure, there are a ton of beauty products that Emilia Clarke can't live without — she wasn't just named Clinique's first celebrity ambassador for nothing — but there's one product in particular that she's not the biggest fan of: self-tanner. The Mother of Dragons recently appeared in a video for Sunday Times' Style magazine where she spoke to beauty director Sarah Jossel about her beauty routine and briefly recalled the time she found out she was allergic to fake tanning lotion while filming season one of Game of Thrones.

"I got sunburnt and they had me in fake tan for that first season . . . I blew up," she says of her reaction to the product. "I had, like, spots head to toe, my lips swelled up." Understandably, after seeing some dermatologists and realizing that her skin was breaking out because of the tanner, she hasn't used it since. "You can just Google pictures from season one and from any other season," Clarke continues. "I'm only brown once."

To finish out the video, Clarke answers a series of rapid-fire questions about a few of her favorite beauty trends and products. In summary, she loves mascara, hates microblading, and prefers wearing red lipstick to a smoky eye. Watch the full video above to see what other kinds of things are in Clarke's makeup bag.