Here's What Emily Cooper's Outfits Would Look Like as Nail Art, According to Netflix

Since it premiered on Oct. 2, just about everyone has been talking about Netflix's new series, Emily in Paris. We can't exactly blame them, since there's a lot on the show that's worth discussing — like the story line itself, Lily Collins's perfect eyebrows, and even her character Emily Cooper's amazing outfits. The fashion in particular is so inspiring that earlier this week Netflix even went ahead and matched a few of the titular character's most memorable outfits to nail art — and we're kind of shocked by the accuracy.

The outfits chosen include the yellow sun dress that Emily wore on her second day of work in Paris as well as a red houndstooth blazer, a tie dye sweatshirt, and a metallic green jacket. Somehow each of the looks was paired with nail art that looks nearly identical in a gallery of side-by-side images that Netflix shared to Instagram this week. Take a look at post below, and make sure to swipe through the gallery to see all of the match-ups.