Emma Corrin's "Mixie" Hairstyle Feels Like a Nod to the '70s

Emma Corrin's latest hairstyle is a far cry from the one she wears in "The Crown." On Nov. 19, the actor attended the 2022 Governors Awards with an edgy haircut fit for the most elusive of high fashion runways. Corrin arrived on the red carpet with whimsical aura eyeshadow, satin skin, and a "mixie" hairstyle to round it out. The "mixie" haircut is similar to the famed "bixie", except instead of being a cross between a bob and a pixie, it combines a pixie and a mullet.

Thanks to a recent rise in celebrities wearing mullets, (hello, Ciara and Lil Nas X) "mixies" pose the perfect gateway to take part in the trend without fully committing. The look has a retro '70s vibe that feels like an intentional declaration of coolness.

Should you try the style for yourself, you will no doubt turn heads, whether you're at a special event like Corrin or just shopping at the grocery store. The best part of all? The haircut can work on any texture and is touted for being particularly low maintenance. If you're on the hunt for a new, easy-to-manage hairstyle, you've hit the jackpot. Take a closer look at Corrin's hair ahead.

Emma Corrin at the Academys 13th Governors Awards held at the Fairmont Century Plaza on November 19, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)
Getty | Gilbert Flores / Contributor