This Overnight Mask Is My New Secret to Treating Hyperpigmentation

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
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Long before I developed my own personalized, daily skin-care routine (or even knew what a skin-care routine was, for that matter), I tossed my money away on cosmetics, caked on makeup like it was my job, and often even slept with a full layer of product on my face (the memory of which still sends chills down my spine). High school me never seemed to comprehend how counterproductive it was to ignore the needs of my skin, inevitably break out, and inflict further irritation on blemishes by trying to erase their existence altogether with damaging beauty products.

As I've gotten older, I've gained a deeper understanding of what it means and looks like to take care of your skin from the inside-out, which includes everything from eating nourishing foods to investing in quality skin-care products and curating a daily cleansing routine that's best aligned with you and your skin-type. While I've adapted all of these techniques and have seen a notable improvement in the look of my skin, there are still lingering reminders of the damage already inflicted on it from my younger, more naive high school days — and it comes in the form of hyperpigmentation.

For years, I've lathered just about every vitamin C serum and brightening formula you could imagine, all in the hopes of finding at least one product that could make a dent in my skin's indestructible dark spots. I'll admit, up until very recently it's been an uphill battle. But, at long last, I've found (what I believe to be) the ultimate cure-all for hyperpigmentation: the Face Gym Cheat Mask ($75). After almost a month of use, I've seen such a noticeable difference that I'm now convinced this product is bound to go viral soon enough. Keep reading to see my honest review of this skin-care essential — and scoop it up before it becomes the internet's next big obsession.

What I Like About The Face Gym Cheat Mask

I like that the product isn't dense, meaning that with only a small amount, I can easily spread it all across my face for a full-coverage feel. This gives me hope that I'll be able to incorporate the product into my nighttime skin-care routine for a while (a little goes a long way) and also maximize on its benefits without having to splurge on another bottle.

I also appreciate that unlike other overnight masks, this formula doesn't necessarily harden up or make my skin feel tense throughout the night. If anything, it resembles more of a lightweight serum or moisturizer that manages to deliver the same qualities of a detoxifying face mask. While the brand says that consumers can begin to see a difference within 90 days of use, I've already noticed my skin looking brighter and more radiant, with less red spots or signs of hyperpigmentation and a general smoothness that I haven't felt in years (even with regular dermatologist visits and prescription creams for my skin).

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POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

What's Worth Noting

With a $75 price tag, this product definitely requires a bit more of an initial investment compared to some of the drugstore overnight masks that are also currently on the market. As someone who has spent the last few years trying to relieve her skin of scarring and dark spots, I can tell you that I've dished out a lot of money on high-end skin-care products, chemical peels, and even regular checkups with my dermatologist. From my experience, using the Face Gym Cheat Mask feels very reminiscent of getting a light chemical peel — thanks, in part, to its jam-packed ingredient list that's made up of 7 percent lactic acid, 2.5 percent succinic acid, and asiatic acid. Within the formula, all of these ingredients are combined together to help minimize blemishes, rebalance the appearance of skin, and remove dead skin cells, leaving your face with a noticeably brighter and more even finish (similar to the effects of a chemical face peel). While you'll have to splurge a little extra on this product, I can promise you that it's worth it in the long term — and this is coming from someone who has decided to cease her regular chemical peel appointment because the results of this mask have already proven to be that good.

Who Is the Face Gym Cheat Mask Best For?

This face mask is great for anyone with a combination skin type who has struggled to find a quality product that will address even their most persistent skin concerns. If you're looking to ditch your regular skin peel appointments in favor of a more home-based solution that will target hyperpigmentation, scarring, and an uneven skin tone, look no further than this formula.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Where Is the Face Gym Cheat Mask Available?

The Face Gym Cheat Mask is available to shop at Face Gym, Saks Fifth Avenue ($75), and Cult Beauty ($75).

Additional Details

  • By applying this prebiotic mask before you go to bed, the skin-care formula does all the hard work for you of reviving the skin while you're sleeping through its 'Tri-Acid Complex' composition.
  • According to the Face Gym website, the brand recommends using this product as part of your evening routine by applying a layer of the Cheat Mask directly onto skin after your cleanser and then following it up with a hydrating moisturizer.
  • Given that it's a skin-care product with acid ingredients, it's recommended that you do a patch test on a small portion of your skin before applying to the whole face. This will ensure that your skin doesn't react negatively upon first use (though you are likely to experience a bit of tingling on the initial application). As with any acid product, it's recommended that you use it sparingly (two to three times per week) and don't pair it with any other acid products in your skin-care routine.