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Fall Hair Color Trend: Tweed

The “Tweed” Hair Color Trend Is the Best Thing to Happen to Highlights

Pulling your tweed jacket from storage isn't the only way to add more of the texture into your life this Fall. According to colorist Rex Jimieson of the Chicago-based Maxine Salon, outfitting your hairstyle with what he dubs a "tweed" hair color is taking off as one of this season's most popular trends.

"Your hair is a fiber just like fabric," Jimieson said. "Tweed uses smaller sections and exposes the natural undertones in the hair rather than removing them completely."

According to Jimieson, the tweed hair look his clients are asking for more and more this season can be created with the balayage technique. You can get the hair color effect in two different ways: by toning down your brighter highlights so that it's closer to your base color, or by doing the opposite and lightening your base to be closer to your highlights. The end result is subtle highlights that create dimension and look like they're melting together.

Like the textile, tweed hair has many iterations, looking incredible on blond, brown, and red hair. Jimieson says that it differs from last year's popular "flannel" hair color in the vibe it creates. "Flannel is more edgy, while tweed is more sophisticated," he said.

Check out the prettiest tweed hair color ideas, ahead.

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