Father Learns to Tie Daughter's Head Wrap in the Most Precious Video You'll See All Day

While you're staying home, right now is the perfect time to brush up on different beauty skills that could use a little practice, and Glen Henry, the father behind Beleaf in Fatherhood, couldn't agree more. The stay-at-home father of four shared a heartwarming video of him attempting to tie his daughter Anaya's head wrap, and it's the most precious 30 seconds you'll watch all day. In the video, Anaya coached her dad through the process of wrapping and knotting her hair wrap. "Dad, it's like a ball," she said as she explained the technique her mom uses when she normally does it.

In the end, with a little patience from both parties, Henry got it down, and the ear-to-ear grin on Anaya's face when she saw the result in the mirror said it all. "Right now is a great time to sharpen the little skills, Fine-tune the little habits, and find joy in the little things," read Henry's Instagram caption.

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