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Fleur and Bee Vegan Cruelty Free Skin Care Brand Products
Source: Fleur & Bee

Once upon a time, you may have browsed the skin-care aisle deciding which moisturizer to buy based on how luxe the packaging was. One or two primary ingredients may have been advertised on the box it came in, but it was normal to know little about what you were putting on your skin; what was inside that tub of cream felt like a mystery. More often than not, the formulas would work out in our favor, but eventually we got curious, priorities shifted, and the lack of transparency sunk into a bygone era of beauty.

Yes, beautiful packaging can still factor in — an aesthetically pleasing medicine cabinet feels good, don't fight it — but, now that the perpetual trend of "clean beauty" is here to stay, we have some follow-up questions while shopping: are potentially irritating fragrances hiding somewhere on this long ingredient list? Is the packaging sustainable? Is this vegan? Can I recycle this?

These days, beauty-lovers, especially those of skin care, know what they're looking for. Even as all-encompassing as clean beauty seems, it can still be a challenge to find a brand that walks the walk and talks the talk of transparency. Long story short, discovering new under-the-radar products is on the 2022 menu, and we've just found the brand that might actually check most of our boxes. Meet Fleur & Bee.

Fleur & Bee creates the skin-care steps you love — cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. — but with higher standards. But we don't expect any informed shopper to go into the unknown without all the facts. Ahead, we break down the reasons why Fleur & Bee should be on your radar this year.