This Burberry Beauty Cover Star's Life Changed When She Walked Into a Makeup Store

Fran Summers broke into the world of high-fashion modeling and beauty almost on accident. When she was 15 years old, she took a trip to London to visit her sister. The two stopped into a makeup store, where a makeup artist asked if Summers had ever considered modeling. At the time, she had not, but the next day, she visited Storm Management, a modeling agency in the city, and in a whirlwind of events, she walked out with a contract.

"I was just [in the makeup store] to have a look at new products and look for a good primer," she told POPSUGAR. "That is definitely my must-have beauty product if I had to only keep one." Six years later, and the model was just recently announced as the new face of Burberry Beauty, where she will be starring in the Her campaign. This is her first campaign she's done with the brand, and it highlights the energy, confidence, and effortless individuality that the fragrance hopes to invoke in all those who wear it.

Mario Sorrenti for Burberry

Aside from prepping for the campaign, Summers has recently spent more time indulging in self-care practices and enjoying a minimalist beauty approach. "Your body and mind are the only things you have in life, so I take self-care so seriously and always take the time to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize." During lockdown, the model gave makeup a break and used nothing more than "the Yorkshire water" as her cleanser and "air" as her makeup. Her simplistic take on beauty effortlessly complements the Her campaign's main goal of spotlighting the modern woman.

"Your body and mind are the only things you have in life, so I take self-care so seriously and always take the time to moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize."

The fragrance and campaign want to highlight that women now are more daring, free-spirited, and bolder than ever before. Perhaps not coincidentally, this message could be tied back to the confidence Summers had on the day she walked into the modeling agency: "As an English kid, Burberry has always been the most iconic brand, so going from seeing campaigns when I was younger to being in them feels like a full circle," she said.

The new fragrance collection features four scents: Her London Dream Eau de Parfum, Her Blossom Eau de Toilette, Her Intense, and Her Eau de Parfum — all of which hold a special place for her: "I love all smells that make me think of home and England," Summers said. "The scents of Burberry Her truly remind me of London. They are versatile, and elegant, and can work in any event, and I always get complimented on it."

Summers has recently found a new appreciation for the simplicity of things and has been using more of her free time to spend in nature. Still, whether she's outside relaxing or modeling in the streets of London, Summers embraces the reinvention of the modern woman. She is daring, free-spirited, and bold — a perfect fit for the Her collection.