The French-Roll Hairstyle Was a '90s Staple For Black Women, and It's Getting a 2022 Upgrade

Close your eyes and think back to any special occasion in the '90s. Then, picture the hairstyles that the people in your lives were wearing. Now open your eyes and answer this question: was the hairstyle a french roll, yes or yes?

The french roll is an elevated updo that has been an iconic hairstyle in the Black community, with Black women flocking to the look in droves for special occasions like weddings or graduations in the '90s. The style begins by gathering a ponytail and twisting the ends of the hair before twisting it at the back of the head. Then, you "roll" the section into place and secure with bobby pins or decorative hair accessories to finish the look.

As are most trends from the '90s and early 2000s, the style is reemerging in 2022; however, there are now numerous iterations of the design that look just as chic as the original but have been modernized to fit today's aesthetic. People are dressing up the french roll with everything from curls to braids, and even specialized hair accessories, to give the classic a fun twist — and allow you to re-create the style without looking like a carbon copy of your mother.

Scroll ahead for some inspiration on how you can transform the look into a chic 2022 masterpiece — and don't forget to document the end result with a photo. (You know, time capsules and all.)

The Classic French-Roll Hairstyle

This french roll is a classic take on the trend that features the traditional tucked-in roll starting at the nape of the neck all the way to the crown. Try this style if you're a stickler for the classics.

French-Roll Hairstyle With a Twist

Tessa Thompson's fun french roll looked like a vintage '50s dream. The style featured the classic french-roll updo with an added bang that was styled to make an additional roll. A two-for-one, if you will.

Braided French-Roll Hairstyle

A french roll and braids? Now that's a match made in heaven. This style features a classic french roll punctuated by a braided crown for an updo that is the perfect protective style and extremely easy to upkeep.

The French-Roll Hairstyle With Accessories

If you want to spruce up your french-roll hairstyle, consider tweaking your finishing touch — instead of hidden bobby pins, secure the roll in place with a decorative clip. This adds an elegant touch to an already classy hairstyle. If you have a wedding or graduation coming up, this style is for you.

Voluminous French Roll

The style is usually a bit tighter at the nape of the neck — as this is where the "roll" begins — but this version adds some volume near the nape of the neck for anyone who wants to grab extra attention.

French-Roll Hairstyle With Curls

Try adding some curls to your french roll for an updated take on the trend. This style features the traditional roll that stops in the middle of the head (instead of the crown) and adds curls up top.