Gabrielle Union Showed Off Her Natural Curls, and She Really Is All That

UPDATE: Gabrielle Union is no stranger to showing off her natural beauty on social media, but her latest curly hair selfie on April 5 came while self-isolating and with a special teaser: "When your natural locks appreciate the lock down. Unlocking the secret soon... 🔐 #InTheLab."

Fans quickly began to speculate that the message might indicate a new hair brand in the works, and we can't say we aren't giddy at the idea. Only time will tell if that's the case, so until then, join us in marveling at Union's curls ahead.

This story was originally published on Oct. 14, 2019.

Gabrielle Union's hair seems to change almost weekly, and her latest is one of our absolute favorites. In an Instagram post on Monday, Union shared a Boomerang video of herself showing off her naturally curly hair, marking her location as "My Happy Place." Paired with an open-front leather motorcycle jacket, Union's look gave off major Janet Jackson vibes — both beautiful and badass all at once.

"Them: Why don't you ever wear your natural hair?!? Me: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy," Union captioned the video. Like many celebrities, Beyoncé included, Union doesn't always wear her natural hair down because it can be a lot of work to maintain, so we're especially grateful for this glimpse at her gorgeous curls. Here's to hoping Union graces us with even more stunning hair photos in the future.