Gigi Hadid Wears a Gray Lip and Gold Septum Piercing at the CFDA Awards

When curating Gigi Hadid's look for the CFDA Awards, the model and her team were thinking outside the box. For the ceremony on Nov. 7, the Guest in Residence founder rocked an eye-catching gray lip and spiked septum ring, thanks to makeup artist Patrick Ta and stylist Mimi Cuttrell.

While Hadid's makeup looked sleek and traditional from a distance, up close, the focal point of her look featured an unsuspecting pair: her gold septum piercing and matte lip. While the septum ring was most likely fake (an accessible alternative to the real thing), the gold hardware with protruding studs was the perfect way to complement the pop of color against her neutral makeup.

For her hair, she opted for a slick high bun, courtesy of Laura Polko. Head on, Hadid's hair appeared to be a simple updo, but from the back, a pattern of smaller buns was artfully arranged to make a subtle yet intricate statement.

Hadid's latest look is just another example of getting creative with piercings, real or not. Other celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and North West have also dabbled with faux piercings for extra flair, and we can expect to see more stars opting for edgier jewelry opportunities with the resurgence of indie sleaze.

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