Celebrate the Season in Style With 25 Glitter Nail Art Ideas That Aren't the Least Bit Tacky

If anyone is an advocate for glitter nail art, it's me. I just love the stuff. In my opinion, the more bling and sparkle the better, because I believe that there is such a way (many ways, in fact) to do a glittered manicure without it being tacky.

And what better time of year than the festive season to steer away from your classic bottle of Essie Ballet Slippers without embellishments and try full-on glitter. Or, if you're not quite feeling that daring, just adding a little bit of sparkle to your classic holiday color can really spice it up. There are so many ways to try out a little bit of shimmer, you're sure to find a nail design that suits you.

Ahead, get all the inspiration you need to try a glitter manicure, whether you're into all the glitz or prefer a very minimal design. We promise, there isn't a tacky manicure in sight. Oh, and if you've ever struggled to apply glitter nail polish, try this supereasy sponge hack.