19 Graduation-Cap-Friendly Hairstyle Ideas That Are Both Pretty and Practical

After four (or eight) years of late-night studying, making memories with some of your best friends, and carving out the path for the rest of your life, graduation is finally here. If you're looking for the perfect hairstyle for the big day that you can secure beneath your cap, look no further. We've rounded up the prettiest cap-friendly hair looks for you.

Ahead, you'll find braided updos that hide the bobby pins you'll use to keep your hat from flying away, low-maintenance wavy hairstyles, and even voluminous curls (to prove you can wear any hairstyle you want on graduation day). It's a time for celebrating — and looking amazing while doing so.

Simply curl hair with a 1.25-inch barrel to achieve these loose waves.

This braided updo sticks close to the hairline, leaving room for you to pin your cap.

A fishtail braid sits flat beneath your cap and will allow you to easily hide the bobby pins you used to pin it down.

Four products were used to perfect this braided hairstyle that sits easily beneath graduation caps.

With the many layers of this half-up hairstyle, you don't have to worry about ruining it once you remove your cap.

This braided hairstyle will sit beneath your cap with ease.

This crown of braids meets at the nape of the neck for a low ponytail.

A knotted ponytail is an upgraded version of the graduation-friendly hairstyle. Adding an accessory elevates it more.

Cascading, face-framing waves are easy and low-maintenance for graduation day.

This braided updo will keep you cool during outdoor graduation ceremonies.

This simple half-up hairstyle is both pretty and practical on your special day.

Believe it or not, beneath this cap, you'll find a braided, half-up hairstyle.

This braided hairstyle keeps hair neat.

Adding a small accessory at the crown of the head can help make room for your cap, while also looking pretty once you take it off.

A face-framing braid is an easy hairstyle to achieve for graduation day.

Each crevice of your waterfall braid will perfectly conceal the bobby pins you use to secure your cap.

This small crown braid will keep hair tame whether you have your cap on or off.