Hailey Bieber's Negative-Space Manicure Is So Subtle, We Almost Didn't Notice It

Hailey Bieber took to Instagram on Aug. 19 to share a selfie calling out her natural glam, but the one thing we couldn't stop looking at was her manicure. The model put her own spin on the negative space nail-art trend, and it was so subtle that we almost didn't notice her design.

For the uninitiated, negative-space nails are a sort of neutral style that see its wearers painting simple designs — think dots, stripes, dashes, the works — over their natural nails. Bieber's take on the trend features drawings of pretty yellow daisies on each of her fingers, and we have to admit, this is the perfect end-of-summer manicure.

Check out Bieber's nail art above.