The Best Hair Hacks on TikTok We Keep Watching on Repeat


Contrary to what you might think, boredom can be a beautiful thing. Without it, we wouldn't be able to discover new, creative ways to fill our time — like searching "hair hacks" on TikTok and trying the best ones at home.

You can find some hidden gems on the social media platform, like ways to fit natural hair into a baseball cap, instructions on how to make a DIY hair mask, tips on mastering complicated hairstyles in a manner of minutes, or inventive ways to mask your dirty hair. Plus, many of these videos were made when stay-home orders were in place, which just goes to show that doing your hair is always the solution to everything.

Grab your scrunchies, elastics, hairspray, comb, brush, scarves, wraps, hats, clips, or any other accessory you desire, and get ready to watch some of our favorite hair hacks on TikTok. Don't forget to hit record on your results to show off your new look. Boredom? Never heard of it.

Put Your Hair Up Without a Hair Tie

Need your hair out of your face, like now, and can't find a hair tie or a scrunchie anywhere? Just pull your hair up and twist it into a bun. Angle a pencil, pen, or chopstick into the base of your bun and across to hold it up.

Curl Your Hair With a Robe Belt

We know what you're thinking: there's no way you can actually curl your hair with just a long, thin piece of fabric — but this trick actually works. Twist your hair around the fabric cloth, go to sleep, wake up, remove the belt, and voila: messy curls.

Put Your Natural Hair in a Baseball Cap

Your beautiful, natural curls don't have to get in the way of wearing your favorite baseball hat. Follow this hack for tips on smoothing down your hair and using a scrunchie to help pull the hair through the cap.

Make a Twisted Hair Headband

Switch up your regular look by trying this twisted hair headband — it only takes five minutes. Twist a section of hair from your left ear to your right ear, making sure to always add pieces to the twist from your hairline. Secure with an elastic, and tuck it under the rest of your hair.

Give Yourself a Trim

Haven't had a haircut since the coronavirus started? We understand, and while we definitely don't recommend doing a drastic cut yourself at home, you can still give yourself a simple trim. Simply put your hair in a backward ponytail, then cut an inch from the bottom. Take out the elastic to reveal your new trim with long layers.

Add Volume to Your Braid

Make your hair look more voluminous with this little trick. After your hair is braided and tied with a scrunchie, gently tug on each part of the braid with your fingers to loosen it. Easy, right?

Make a Messy Bun With Short Hair

Tired of your short hair coming out of your messy bun? This hack shows you how to keep all those flyaways off your neck by using clear elastics, hairspray, bobby pins, and a scrunchie.

Add Volume to Your Headwrap

If you have short hair or just did a big chop, try this hack. Put a bun-maker in a bit of hosiery, then slip it over your head. Then, style a headwrap over the entire thing to give your hair instant volume.

Make Your Own Hair Mask

Give your hair the hydration it needs with this DIY hair mask. It's made with ingredients you probably have around the house: avocado, egg, olive oil, and honey. After 30 minutes, your hair will be soft and oh so hydrated.

Use a Sock to Create a Perfect Bun

Your favorite sock has a hole in the heel? Don't worry, that's exactly what you need for this hair hack. Cut off the toe of a sock, then roll it up and wrap it around your hair for the perfect bun.

Create Faux Bangs With Your Own Hair

Next time you get the urge to give yourself bangs, stop. Then, watch this hair hack for an easy way to get faux bangs (it involves putting your hair into a bun and using the ends to style a fringe).

Get a Thicker Ponytail in Minutes

Flat-looking ponytails are a thing of the past. Secure your hair in a normal ponytail, then add clips underneath the hair to give it more bounce and volume.

Create the Illusion of Shorter Hair

This fun hair hack is for people with long hair who wonder what it would be like to get a haircut. Use a long piece of ribbon to tie it back and under — go from butt-length to shoulder-length hair in minutes.

Hide Second- (or Third-) Day Hair

Maybe washing your hair isn't exactly the highest priority right now. If you've gone a few days without shampoo, try this hair hack. It takes a little bit of patience, but the finished result is a really cool, edgy updo.

Use Tights to Create a High Puff

Cut a pair of tights to turn it into a headband in this easy hair hack. Then, wrap it around your hair, gently pushing the band up until you are happy with your high-puff look, and tie it in the back.

Use a Straightener For Extra Volume

Normally, your straightener flattens out your style, but this hack does the opposite. Twist it as it's pulling away from your face, then let go about halfway through. Brush through with your fingers, and you're all set.

Fix a Loose Ponytail

Loose ponytails are the worst — fix them with this simple hack. Join two elastics together, then secure each end with a bobby pin. Wrap the entire thing around your hair, and cover up with one strand from your ponytail.

Get the Perfect High Pony

Looking for that perfect high ponytail? Follow the instructions in this hair hack to bend a hairpin, which will help your ponytail stay up all day.