This 13-Year-Old's Halloween SFX Makeup Will Terrify Your Soul

When most of us were in middle school, we were lucky if we had that one friend who could curl our hair really well. Too bad we weren't friends with Gemma Borkowski, a 13-year-old from Australia who taught herself how to do crazy-realistic special effects makeup. The teen creates haunting work that includes gruesome bullet wounds, bloody razor slashes, and infectious legions that are so realistic you'll be buying Purell in bulk.

The makeup genius told Yahoo Beauty that she fell for SFX after watching a few YouTube tutorials to prep for Halloween two years ago (when she was only 11!). "I remember telling my mom that I wanted the makeup for Halloween, and I ordered a few products online," Borkowski said. "I've been teaching myself how to do SFX makeup ever since then."

As for inspiration, the well-studied Borkowski told POPSUGAR that she "absolutely loves" makeup artist Ve Neill, the Oscar Award-winning SFX artist behind The Hunger Games and Edward Scissorhands. "Of course, the makeup in The Walking Dead is incredible, too!"

We love how Borkowski gives her 19,000 Instagram followers complete makeup breakdowns of all of her looks. She frequently uses products by Ben Nye Makeup (a cult favorite of Kim Kardashian's). The budding artist told us that the brand "has a huge selection of products that can help you achieve anything you think of."

Other go-tos include products by Mould Life ("My absolute favorite fake blood ever!"), and Skin Illustrator ("Their alcohol palettes are amazing").

Borkowski admitted to Yahoo that her friends "are always asking if [she] can do their makeup for Halloween." But that doesn't mean she'll necessarily grow up to be a makeup artist. "There are quite a few things that I think I would enjoy as a career, but if I continue to do makeup all my life, I definitely wouldn't be upset about it." And neither would we!

Read on for some of Borkowski's most ghoulish looks, but be warned: they'll probably keep you up all night. This work is definitely not for the faint of heart.