24 Halloween Tattoos That Will Make the Spooky Spirit Last All Year

Halloween is a true beauty enthusiast's holiday. It's an excuse to go out and get creative with your makeup, nail art, and hair. It's also a great excuse to break out the glitter. If you truly love the holiday, the best way to keep the spooky spirit alive all year is with a Halloween tattoo. After all, you can never go wrong with so many classics to choose from.

If you're considering adding more ink to your collection, or even if it's your first, delicate spiders, small ghosts, detailed skulls, and all of the other Halloween tattoo ideas that the holiday brings are great options. Many studios have Halloween tattoo flash on hand, but if you're on the hunt for inspiration to bring to your next appointment, keep scrolling to get some ideas of the best Halloween tattoos on Instagram. Get ready to feel super festive this October, and keep the spirit alive even in the off-season.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Ghost With Flowers

The flowers surrounding this ghost tattoo soften the overall look of the design.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Black Cat

Show your love for black cats with a tattoo. This one incorporates a tiny cat with a butterfly inside of a heart.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Skull and Roses

This traditional-style ink takes a basic skull tattoo up a notch with red roses around its head.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Pumpkinhead

Horror-movie fans will recognize this Pumpkinhead tattoo instantly from the 1980s film.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Ghost

This ghost tattoo is accompanied by some writing in a cursive font that reads "I'm strange and unusual."

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Skeleton

An intricate skeleton tattoo, like this design with a sword going through it, will have your ink turning heads.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas

This blushing ghoul wears a pair of striped socks and roller skates.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Halloween Scene

Why choose one Halloween-inspired tattoo when you can get an entire Halloween scene? This one features a jack-o'-lantern, ghost cats, bats, and a crescent moon.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Black Cat on a Broom

This tattoo of a black cat riding a broom is incredibly delicate in the fine-line style.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Jack-o'-Lantern and Flowers

The longer you look at this jack-o'-lantern tattoo, the more tiny details you'll notice in it.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Flower Coffin

Combine your love for flowers with the spooky holiday by getting a design like this peony and coffin tattoo.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Spider

Go big or go home with this spider neck tattoo.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Woman in a Broken Mirror

Take a unique approach to your Halloween-inspired ink with an original design, like this woman's face in a broken mirror.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Black Cat

Show off your love for cats with this cute black-cat tattoo.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Cute Ghosts

Looking for a subtle way to stay in the spirit all year long? These cute ghost finger tattoos are perfect.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Coffee Ghost

Put a funny twist on the typical ghost tattoo by putting it in a cup of coffee.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Spooky Betty Boop

Bride of Frankenstein meets Betty Boop in this cool design, which also features a pumpkin and mysterious potion.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Halloween Mickey

Big Disney fan? Get a Mickey Mouse tattoo, but make it Halloween.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Scream

If you're a horror-movie fan, you'll just love this Scream design.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Eyeballs

For a creepy vibe, consider getting an assortment of distorted eyeballs on your arm.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Candlelight Ghost

This sheet ghost holding a candle will keep you in the Halloween spirit all year long.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Black Widow

Make your favorite Halloween symbols come to life, like this black widow spider tattoo design.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Vampire Mickey Mouse

Give your favorite childhood character a spooky twist, like this Mickey Mouse vampire design.

Halloween Tattoo Ideas: Floral Heart

Add a ghost and pumpkin to a floral heart, and you've got the perfect yet subtle Halloween tattoo.