It Looks Like Harry Styles Is Preparing to Channel His Golden Glow Into a Beauty Brand

Harry Styles could be making a big move on the beauty market soon. The "Fine Line" singer is known for his mismatched manicures, perfectly coiffed hair, and the occasional makeup moment on the red carpet, and it appears his next step could be a brand of his own. According to recently filed trademark documents, Styles is reportedly pursuing a beauty brand titled "Pleased As Holdings" with the "wholesale of perfume and cosmetics" as its nature of business.

Styles will direct the business alongside his longtime colleague (and former assistant), Emma Spring. There's no telling what products the line will focus on, but if Styles is taking requests from the crowd, we have a couple of suggestions. How about a Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub? Or a Lights Up Highlighter? We'd be all about a Golden Bronzer or Fine Eyeliner. The options are truly endless, which also gets us more hyped for the eventual release.