20 Easy, Beauty DIYs That Won't End Up in a Pinterest Fail

The last time we had a snow day we were in braces, so we're going to maximize all our free time during Winter storm Hercules by mixing up our favorite beauty treatments. Stirring together these easy recipes for better skin, hair, and nails is probably the best way to give yourself the at-home spa experience while you're stuck indoors. In addition to reaching mixologist status, scrolling through these DIY ideas will also improve your braiding skills and your at-home pedicure talents. Three cheers for a snow day!

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Bananas, eggs, avocado, mayonnaise, olive oil — all good things to store in your kitchen when you want to whip up a quick conditioning hair mask.

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Got dry skin? Then take a dip in a soothing milk bath with a few added ingredients to ease the sore muscles and stress.

Braids are a must-try style year round, and even if you're not ambidextrous, you can learn this fishtail side braid.


Turns out there are multiple uses for your vodka (and not just imbibing). After your New Year's party, you can recycle your leftovers for beauty purposes.

While you have a few extra hours to spare, you can master the professional blowout technique. We're not responsible for any burned fingers during the process.

Yogurt plus honey — no, we're not listing breakfast ideas — are two powerful ingredients in this DIY face mask for acne-prone skin.

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Save cash, and give yourself a facial at home. You can use the products you already own and add some professional techniques like a facial massage.


Reuse all your leftover pumpkin from the holidays with this face mask that's packed with vitamins. And it's great for oily skin types.


Stop! Don't put toothpaste on that pimple. Try one of these at-home acne remedies for a quick spot treatment you already have stored in your cupboard.

Garlic for your nails? Dryer sheets for your hair? Commit all these weird beauty remedies to memory for a way out of any beauty emergency.

We know you probably still have a few candy canes left over from Christmas, why not mix up this minty body scrub in your spare time. It takes 10 minutes tops!

This romantic half-up hairstyle is one you'll want to duplicate for date night or as you're out working the wedding season circuit.


Restore your crushed compacts and smashed lipsticks to their former glory. With all your savings, you can plan a makeup haul.

Missing your hair appointment because of the weather? Whip up this hair-lightening mist that will give your hair natural highlights — no bleach required.

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Chipped nails and a boot season seem to go hand in hand. But with this 10-minute pedicure tutorial, you can easily touch up your polish during your snow day.


The holidays tend to be a high-stress time of year — the shopping, the traveling, the cooking — settle in and relax with these interesting ways to use Epsom salts.

Stir up these solid perfumes for the perfect hostess gift to pass out at bridal showers, birthday parties, and brunches.

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If you're craving a coffee fix, turn to this DIY body scrub that mixes grounds, sugar, and coconut oil.

What the heck is a waterfall braid you ask? It's only the chicest way to get a half-up hairstyle. Learn how to re-create this style yourself.

Remedy an unexpected breakout in no time with this easy pimple treatment that minimizes redness and swelling in 20 minutes flat.

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