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Horror Tattoo Designs to Consider

These Tattoos Will Immortalize Your Favorite Horror-Movie Characters

Horror Tattoo Designs to Consider
Image Source: Getty / martin-dm

  • Fall is fast approaching, and it's as good a season as any for a new tattoo.
  • Fans of horror can immortalize their favorite villains beyond Halloween by getting a horror-movie-themed tattoo.
  • Take some inspiration from some of the best horror-inspired tattoos below.

As much as you may be trying to avoid it, fall will soon take summer's place. While the season offers the opportunity to bundle up in cozy sweaters, try new trendy haircuts, and experiment with new makeup trends, another perk of less sunlight? Being able to get new tattoos without the fear of sun damage. And not just any tattoos β€” horror tattoos.

With shows like "Stranger Things" taking over zeitgeist and beloved horror characters like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger gracing TV screens all over the world (as soon as it drops below 65 degrees, it seems), the cooler season is the perfect time to pay homage to your favorite spooky characters in the form of some fresh ink.

Of course you can get a tattoo during any season you want, but other than the fact that Halloween feels like the unofficial start to fall and the subsequent holiday season, getting a tattoo during the cooler months just makes sense. The fact is less sun means less of a chance of sun exposure and subsequently less of a chance of damaging your new horror tattoo.

If a fresh tattoo is exposed to too much sun, "your colors and white highlights turn brown and stay brown even after your tan fades," tattoo artist Gianna Caranfa previously told POPSUGAR. "The tattoo will become raised, and your tattoo could also fade."

Now, if you have officially made up your mind about getting a horror tattoo but still don't know which one to get, allow the versions ahead to serve as the ultimate inspiration for your pending design.

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