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How to Apply Blush on Dark Skin Tones

Everything You Need to Know About Applying Blush on Dark Skin Tones

How to Apply Blush on Dark Skin Tones
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  • With the rise in the skinimalism trend, blush has become an essential part of people's makeup routines.
  • However, some people with deep skin tones have been avoiding blush altogether.
  • We asked a professional makeup artist how people with deep skin tones should ease into adding blush to their routines.

With the cosmetics industry seemingly rolling out new products on a daily basis, it feels like the average makeup consumer would have every product under the sun for a full face of makeup. However, there seems to be one particular product that is still being intentionally left out of some routines: blush.

Arguments surrounding the necessity of blush have been circulating in the Black community in particular for quite some time. Many people with deep skin tones have said that they intentionally skip blush in their makeup routines due to things like acne scars, simply not thinking it makes a difference, or just plain not knowing what colors to wear. Blush has even been touted to some as something that was not a part of a makeup routine for deep skin tones. But blush can be one of the best secret weapons in your makeup arsenal. "Blush is such a versatile product," Jaleesa Jaikaran, makeup artist and host of The Life of a Makeup Artist podcast, told POPSUGAR. "It can be added on the cheeks, lips, temples, nose, and eyes. Depending on the shade, it can also add dimension to the face alongside a bit of warmth as well."

Whatever your stance on the matter is, we know the use of blush is subjective. However, because we truly don't think anyone should ever have to live without experiencing the glory of a good blush, we decided to ask Jaikaran the best ways to incorporate it into a makeup routine. From product recommendations to application techniques, read ahead to fully step into your Marie Antoinette era.

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