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8 Industry Experts Share What Beauty Means to Them in 2021

What Does Beauty Means to You in 2021? 8 Beauty Experts Share

8 Industry Experts Share What Beauty Means to Them in 2021
Image Source: Getty / Klaus Vedfelt

At the start of the pandemic, when makeup, hairstyling, and nail polish felt inconsequential in the face of a global crisis, we thought for sure that beauty trends would go on hold. Then, a short couple of months later, it became clear: those exact things offered a sense of escape and hope amid the tough times.

Beauty played a very important role in 2020, the "how" depending on who you asked. It brought people joy and comfort; it gave them a creative outlet and an excuse to put time back into themselves when self-care was needed most. Even though we had nowhere to go, many of us did our hair, or put on some mascara, or painted our nails because it made us feel good, which is what beauty is really all about.

As we look ahead to the new year, we can't help but wonder what's in store for beauty in 2021 and how this past year's events will play a role. To get an idea, we asked a handful of beauty experts what beauty means to them in 2021. Keep scrolling to read their responses.

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