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Watch James Corden Get Pressured Into a Middle Part | Video

Influenced by TikTok, James Corden's Middle Part Will Haunt Me in Perpetuity

The simmering middle part vs. side part debate has now hit the late-night stage. Millennials have been defending side parts against attacks from Gen Zers on TikTok, and James Corden recently addressed a divided nation on The Late Late Show.

"Like it or not, the youth have spoken: the side part is dead," the host said before paying tribute to famous celebrity side parts over the years. Then, suddenly, Corden and his entire crew appeared before viewers with the "trendier" middle part, which truthfully made it look like the room was filled with a bunch of Crispin Glover clones. (How's that for a Gen Z reference?) Corden added, "I look like part choir boy, part 'can I interest you in a mortgage loan?'" Watch the segment above, and if you're still married to side parts, don't fret; you're in good company.

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