Jaw Highlighting Is Trending on TikTok, Thanks to Bella Hadid

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  • Jawline highlighting is trending on TikTok, inspired by Bella Hadid's latest makeup look.
  • In a collection of photos the model shared on Instagram, her contour accentuated her jawline.
  • Now people on TikTok are trying to re-create the makeup trend.

We look to celebrities and beauty professionals alike for new trends to try, but the latest viral makeup look to take over TikTok is all thanks to Bella Hadid. The model probably had no idea that an image from one of her recent photo dumps on Instagram would spark such a frenzy, but that's exactly what it did.

A profile shot of Hadid hidden in a birthday post for a close friend quickly garnered attention on the video-sharing app for what looks like jawline highlighter. It didn't take long for makeup enthusiasts to start talking about the skin illuminator along her jaw, which gives her a super-pronounced, sculpted look. The reason for such a thing? "It really emphasizes the shape you have created with contour," celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman tells POPSUGAR.

While most people apply their highlighter along the temples, this makeup trend sees it lining the jaw to really catch the light and make it stand out. To re-create the look on yourself, you can't just brush some highlighter onto your jawline and think you'll get the same effect. For Hadid's snatched look, you're actually going to want to start with a glowy foundation. "Highlighter on matte skin will not create a flattering effect," Dorman says.

Once your base is done, "make sure to contour your cheekbones and jawline precisely." Cream contour is best for this. Dorman recommends the Kiko Milano Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour ($14). We also like the Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Sticks ($23). You're also going to want to use a cream-based product to highlight. "This look is all about texture," she says. A stick formula like the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick ($28) works great for this, but you can also use a liquid or gel product like the E.l.f. Jelly Highlighter ($6). "You can apply with fingers or a dense, small brush," Dorman says. "I like to apply by tapping the product on with my fingers, then blending the edges with a small brush like Rephr Brush 27 ($24)."

Last but not least: remember your angles, like Hadid. "This look is really shown off when light hits the jaw, so make sure to get some photos with your jaw tilted toward a light source," she says.