Blackpink's Jennie Debuts Peachy Orange Hair

On Monday, Blackpink star Jennie shared photos of her new hair color, and fans are convinced the peachy orange hairstyle is a hint at the group's long-awaited comeback. "[Don't] talk to me or my new hair," Jennie captioned photos of herself soaking up the sun next to a bunch of bright-orange Persian buttercups. Rather than opting for an electric hue like Lady Gaga did in "A Star Is Born" or a burnt orange like Ariel Winter has favored, Jennie kept the shade a soft sherbet with subtle streaks of gold throughout. The look immediately sent fans, who have been waiting two years for new Blackpink music, into a frenzy as they attempted to piece together any other clues that a new project might be in the works.

While pop stars in the US typically rely on mysterious tweets and sound bites posted at strange hours to tease new music, K-pop idols often switch up their whole style to fit with the theme of their new projects — from hair and makeup to the outfits they wear. In the past, Jennie has worn her hair in all different styles and shades, including black, light brown, brunette with blond highlights, and more to match Blackpink's evolving style. The same pattern rings true for V, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, Jimin, RM, and J-Hope of BTS, who dye their hair almost as often as they put out new singles.

"One of the allures of K-pop is the anticipation of change," CJ Kim, translator and tour manager for Monsta X, Seventeen, KARD, and Day6 — told Allure in a 2018 interview. "Fans know that with new releases an artist's look will be completely different from the last release and the biggest change is usually hair, whether it is color changes or styling."

In a Tweet liked by nearly 1,500 fans, one follower wrote, "there's no way jennie's gonna have orange hair for the [comeback] because she wouldn't spoil us like that . . . right?" Another Twitter user speculated that the light-orange shade is just another stop on Jennie's way to going fully blond for any upcoming projects. "Okay so jennie first had dark brown hair, it takes time to bleach it properly, in the 2nd image you can see stage 1 of bleaching which gives it an orange kind of color, it looks like jennie will probably bleach it further and go fully blonde," they wrote.

Jennie hasn't confirmed whether her hair is a hint at Blackpink's potential third album or just a fun switch-up to her usual look, but we'll absolutely be keeping our eyes on Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé's Instagrams for any hair changes that add fuel to the Blackpink fire.

Get a closer look at Jennie's apricot-orange hair here.