JoJo Siwa Uses This Genius "Piercing" Hack For Curated Ears

Jojo Siwa has proven once more that her ear "piercing" hack is simply genius. The entertainer attended the premiere of "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" last night with curated ear jewelry that matched her purple opalescent jacket.

Under normal circumstances, it would be a total nuisance to switch out over nine piercings just to match your outfit, but Siwa doesn't have to go through that. In fact, she doesn't even have nine piercings. Instead, she uses stick-on gems. The hack, which Siwa first revealed back in November, has made it easy for the star to have a customizable, curated ear stack.

"Everyone thinks I have multiple piercings, but I just have one and then glue the rest on," Siwa told red carpet hosts Jeremy Parsons and Janine Rubenstein at the 2021 American Music Awards last year.

This hack is made for anyone who wants to try out the curated-ear trend, sans the downtime it takes to allow multiple piercings to heal. You can take a page out of Siwa's book and use this trick for special occasions to stand out — no one would ever know the difference. Take a closer look at Siwa's latest look using the hack below.

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - JULY 27: JoJo Siwa, earring detail, attends Disney+
Getty | David Livingston / Stringer
BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - JULY 27: JoJo Siwa attends the Disney+
Getty | Momodu Mansaray / Stringer