Even Batman Would Admit These Joker Nail Art Looks Are Seriously Impressive

The Joker might be one of the comic book universe's most beloved (and feared) villains of all time, and mega-fans are using the Halloween season to share their enthusiasm for the character. Joker-inspired nail art is popping up all over Instagram and the manicures are anything but funny.

Fans have painted portraits of the criminal on their tiny canvases, illustrated their manicures with "hahas," and included the villain's infamously scary smile across their nails. Some even added a few Harley Quinn-inspired nails into the mix to round out the Batman theme.

Ahead, you'll find some truly maddening Joker nail art that will have you running away from Arkham Asylum and toward your manicurist.

Joker Nail Art Ideas

Combine the colors of the Joker's outfit for a spooky manicure.

The "why so serious?" and creepy smile on these nails reference Heath Ledger's version of the beloved villain.

These cute Funko Pop-inspired nails make even the scariest criminal look cute.

Try out the neon nail polish trend with a lime green that's as outrageous as the Joker himself.

Try a mixed-theme manicure by having one hand themed like the Joker, and the other like Harley Quinn.

We love this eerie Joker face on this almond-shaped manicure.

Paint one hand red and the other green and purple for a mismatched manicure that's sure to warrant compliments. A few diamonds and "ha ha" illustrations are all you need to complete it.

Try a stiletto style and dark metallic polishes to make your manicure even scarier.

This manicure proves your nail art doesn't have to be complicated to look great.

Ease your way into nail art with an accent nail and a matte finish.

The detailed portraits of Harley Quinn and The Joker on these nails are truly impressive.

Add a touch of glamour to your Joker nail art with a sparkling polish and a few rhinestones.

A few comic book-style speech bubbles are all you need for a retro-looking manicure.