Jordyn Woods's Best Nail Art Looks Will Fill Your Manicure Mood Board

Those who follow model and social media star Jordyn Woods know two things about her: First, she has been busy. Woods has been collaborating with brands like Eylure and Easilocks for collections she's put her personal spin on. Second, she has a love of beauty. One way she shows this is by taking time out of her active schedule to post close-ups of her latest nail art.

Her manicures are enough to fill your mood board for months. They include creative twists on age-old looks, multicolored works of art, and one dreamy anime-inspired design. Check out her best nail art and nail polish colors, ahead.

Jordyn Woods's Anime Nail Art
Instagram | jordynwoods

Jordyn Woods's Anime Nail Art

Woods posted a photo of her nail art that featured two eyes and a sparkle drawn anime-style. The designs were placed on three separate accent nails that were painted a bubblegum pink shade. "A lil anime vibe," she wrote on the post, before tagging nail artist Toniajosé.

Jordyn Woods's Toffee Nail Polish Color
Instagram | jordynwoods

Jordyn Woods's Toffee Nail Polish Color

Woods posted a series of photos on her Instagram Story of her toffee-colored nails. NYC-based manicurist and brand owner Jin Soon Choi previously told POPSUGAR that she predicted Woods's nail shade (and ones within the family of hues she dubs the "new nudes") would be one of Fall's biggest nail art colors. "I see pure nude shades — not sheer nudes but unusual nudes like toffee or beige — being on-trend this Fall," she said.

Jordyn Woods's Ombré Nail Art

Woods showed us a creative twist on the ombré nail trend as she melted together different shades of orange across her manicure.

Jordyn Woods's Red-Tipped Nails

Woods's almond-shaped nails had red polish swept across the tips in a slant, creating a fun twist on the deep french manicure.

Jordyn Woods's Multicolored Nail Art

Woods posted a photo of her with a mix of different tropical nail polish colors on her nails. No two nails appeared to be identical.

Jordyn Woods's Metallic Red Nail Polish Color

Woods debuted metallic red nail polish while testing out a peach lip gloss.

Jordyn Woods's Embellished Nude Nail Art

From afar, Woods appears to be wearing a nude nail polish. Upon further inspection, you can see the look is textured with pearly embellishments.

Jordyn Woods's Cherry Nail Art

Woods had tiny cherry designs painted on a white nail polish color.

Jordyn Woods's Neon Mismatched Nail Art

Woods opted for a neon lime accent nail for her fluorescent pink manicure.

Jordyn Woods's Cobalt Nail Polish Color

Woods had a cobalt nail polish color painted on square-tipped nails in 2018.

Jordyn Woods's Girl Power Nail Art

Woods debuted the words "Girl Power" and "Shhh . . ." on two accent nails with a nude base.

Jordyn Woods's Holographic Nail Art

Woods's holographic nail art gleamed in the sunlight.

Jordyn Woods's Nude Nail Polish Color

Woods posted a photo of her nude manicure, which she got with close friend and influencer Anastasia Karanikolaou.

Jordyn Woods's Classic French Manicure

Woods had a classic french manicure (one of this year's biggest trends among celebrities) back in 2015.

Jordyn Woods's Birthday Nails

Woods's manicure for her 23rd birthday featured different geometric designs, red tips, and a heart that had the number 23 at its center.

Jordyn Woods's Lavender French Manicure

Woods posted a close-up of her manicure, which featured lavender french tips.

Jordyn Woods's Teal Glitter Nail Polish Color

Woods kicked off 2015 with a glittering teal nail polish color.

Jordyn Woods's Two-Toned Glitter Nail Polish Color

Woods's manicure featured a dark glitter with what appeared to be a red shift.

Jordyn Woods's Valentines Day Nail Art

Woods posted a photo of her Valentine's Day nail art which featured negative space designs and different shades of red.