Jordyn Woods Looks Red Hot in Her New Smokin' Hair Color

Jordyn Woods seems to have perfected statement-making beauty looks, because each one is more daring than the previous. This weekend, Woods stepped out with a hair color we've never seen her in before. The social media star posted photos to Instagram with a long red wig that was so bright, it was nearly neon.

Unsurprisingly, the star looked red hot in the new color, proving once again that she can pull off any hue. Recently, she's worn her signature dark brown color, but she has also experimented with dirty blond and platinum, and all shades seem to flatter her equally.

Check out her red hair and other recent hues ahead.

Jordyn Woods With Red Hair

Jordyn Woods With Dirty-Blond Hair

Jordyn Woods With Dark Brown Hair

Jordyn Woods With Blond Hair