Kaia Gerber Has More Tattoos Than You Might Think — and You Can See Them All Here

Millions of Instagram followers, undeniably unique features, and an impressive résumé of campaigns and fashion shows aren't the only things today's class of top models have in common. Besides incredible clothes, the majority of them (like Hailey Bieber) are wearing some of the internet's coolest tattoos. Included in that crowd is a true industry legacy: Kaia Gerber.

The daughter of iconic model Cindy Crawford, Gerber first got inked in October 2018. Since then, the 19-year-old has added a handful of other pieces to her collection, often hitting up the most famous artists with her brother, Presley Gerber. Similar to many of her industry and celebrity peers, she seems to favor tiny, fine-line tattoos, often done by the highly in-demand artist JonBoy.

Ready to peep her growing collection of ink? Just keep reading. Ahead, we've created a comprehensive guide to Gerber's many tattoos.

Kaia Gerber's "Jordan" Tattoo on Her Left Inner Bicep

For Gerber's first foray into tattoos, she got "Jordan" inked on her left bicep. Done in a stunning script font in October 2018, it's the model's middle name.

Kaia Gerber's "I Know" Tattoo on Her Left Outer Wrist

What exactly this tattoo refers to, we'll never know, but Gerber does. The small outer-wrist design was inked by JonBoy in November 2018 and reads "I Know" in all caps. A single red line goes through the entire phrase.

Kaia Gerber's Picasso Tattoo on Her Left Arm

Arm tattoos are undeniably popular, and for good reason. They're equally easy to show off and cover up — especially when placed on the inside of your arm. This tattoo (another JonBoy piece) sits just above Gerber's left elbow and is a re-creation of a Picasso drawing.

Kaia Gerber's "23" Tattoo on Her Right Elbow

Look closely at the model's elbow and you'll see the number 23. It's small and simple – keeping on trend with her other minimal designs.

Kaia Gerber's Anatomical Heart Tattoo on Her Right Forearm

A more detailed and unique take on a classic heart symbol, Gerber chose to get a little more technical for this right-forearm ink. The work of JonBoy in September 2019, this tattoo features an anatomical heart in red ink. While most of Gerber's pieces are in black, based on this and her "I Know" tattoo, she seems to favor red, too.

Kaia Gerber's Angel Tattoo on Her Ribs

While most of Gerber's tattoos are on her arms, the model switched things up for this angel tattoo on her right ribcage. Designed by JonBoy, it's one of her more recent additions and perfectly placed to pair with a bikini.

Kaia Gerber's Interlocking-Arms Tattoo on Her Right Shoulder and Floral Tattoo on Her Left Wrist

To kick off 2020, Gerber debuted two new pieces courtesy of popular artist Evan Tattoo. The first is yet another unique take on a heart tattoo, featuring what looks like a woman wrapping her arms around her torso. With a few creative drawing decisions, the design — placed on her right shoulder — ends up looking like a heart. Flip to slide three of this Instagram post, and you'll see the second piece Gerber chose: a dainty floral design on the inside of her left wrist.

Kaia Gerber's "444" Tattoo on Her Right Arm

Right above her right elbow, Gerber added to her collection of minimalist tattoo designs with a small "444" tattoo.

A Collection of Kaia Gerber's Tiny Tattoos

On Feb. 18, 2020, Gerber posted this topless mirror selfie, which showcased several pieces in her tiny-tattoo collection. Zoom into her shoulder and there's a design that says "prez."

Fans have also spotted a few more tattoos during her many runway shows and on her Instagram Stories that have yet to debut in-feed. These include a tiny design that reads "STRAWBERRY FIELDS" on her back, a rocket ship, "1999," and a wine glass.

Kaia Gerber's Matching Tattoos With Charlotte Lawrence

During an interview with Vogue, longtime friends Gerber and Charlotte Lawrence talked about their many matching tattoos, which are rarely shown in-feed. Included on the list are Eros, a mermaid, and a glass of wine. They also have small line drawings of each other's boobs.