Karol G Says Goodbye to Blue Hair With a Bold New Color

Karol G is welcoming a new era with her latest hair color. The singer posted a video on Instagram, and fans were shocked to see that her signature blue hair is now a bright, cherry-red color.

The singer's hair was kept its normal mid-back length and styled in voluminous loose curls that framed her face. Though it's been a while since Karol G last changed up her look, this certainly isn't her first time making bold changes to her hair color. In the past, she's been seen in everything from bleached blond, purple, and even pink hair.

Karol G has been a longtime fan of bold hair, but there's no denying that the trend has picked up steam over the past few months. Other celebrities like Arlo Park, Avril Lavigne, and J Balvin were all spotted at the Grammys in April with various bold hair colors (and Balvin even added a graphic design to the back of his head). If you want to try your hand at a bolder look but don't want to fully commit, try the "poptarting" technique where you add a pop of contrasting color to your base hair.

Take a closer look at Karol G's hair ahead.