Kim Kardashian Revives Her 2010s Blunt Bangs With an Edgy Spin

Kim Kardashian's bangs are back (for now). On Aug. 26, the Skims mogul debuted black blunt bangs for the first time in years at This Is About Humanity's fifth annual charity event in Los Angeles. The new fringe grazed right above her eyebrows, reminiscent of the blunt Y2K-style bangs she often wore circa 2010. Although almost certainly achieved with the help of a clip-in hair piece, it's been a while since we've seen Kardashian rocking her iconic bangs, and we're happy to witness their return to the limelight.

Back before bleach blond and bob haircuts were part of her signature hair routine, Kardashian experimented with bangs while out in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve in 2011. She's since tried a variety of different lengths and hues, but she wore this modern-day version with a long black ponytail.

Kardashian's new bangs are similar but edgier due to the shorter length, more choppy cut, and slick finish. The great thing about blunt bangs is their ability to "frame and contour the upper portion of the face," as hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept advocate Justin Toves-Vincilione previously told POPSUGAR. "This trend is designed to provide depth to the forehead area and showcase the remaining features of the face."

As much as we're loving the throwback, the nostalgic bangs haven't been Kardashian's only hair transformation this month. She recently added to her beauty repertoire with a dark micro bob, warm blond extensions, and even a haunting platinum blond and bleached brows for her appearance in the "American Horror Story" season 12 promo. Truth be told, if anyone has the time, resources, and sheer willpower to pull off all these different looks, it's her.

Read on to see how Kardashian brought back her blunt bangs for old time's sake.

Kim Kardashian's Blunt Bangs
Getty | Stefanie Keenan

Kim Kardashian's Blunt Bangs