This Woman Loves Lush So Much That She Paints Bath Bombs on Her Face

If you're a Lushie (or honorary Lushie Harry Styles), bath bombs are bae. And while most of us are more than satisfied to just soak in them (and maybe post a leggy shot on Instagram while we're at it), one makeup artist has a more distinct way to profess her Lush love.

Blogger Kimberley Margarita is known for her exquisite, sparkly designs. She also happens to be a huge Lushie. So much so, that Kimberley has built a portfolio of breathtaking, full-face looks inspired by different types of bath bombs.

Since bath bombs are known for dissolving into prismatic pools of color, it makes sense that they would be fodder for Kimberley's radiant work. In 2016, the self-professed sparkle-phile told POPSUGAR that she became a "magical space princess" after being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2014. The painful disorder kept her cooped up at home, so she cheered herself up with wild makeup. "That's when I fell in love with makeup — using my face as canvas," she says.

She's since gained a loyal fan base, and she says she hopes to inspire people to love their bodies. We're definitely with her on that front, but after looking at her latest work, we're also inspired to slip into a bath-bomb-filled tub as soon as we get home tonight. And after looking at her gorgeous creations below, we can guarantee you'll want to buy everything at Lush, too.