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Kiss Magnetic Lashes and Liner Review

I Could Never Apply False Eyelashes Until I Found This Magnetic Set From Kiss

Kiss Magnetic Lashes and Liner Review
Image Source: Kiss

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Putting on false eyelashes is hard even for me, someone who considers herself fairly good at applying makeup. While I can get them on, it takes me a good 10 to 15 minutes of applying glue, waving it in the air, and then trying not to ruin my eyeliner as I press the glue onto my eyelid. Plus, if my eyes tear up even a little, there goes all my beautiful eye shadow. Luckily, Kiss has seemed to solve all of my falsie woes for good with its new magnetic lashes.

Now, I have tried other magnetic lashes in the past, and despite people telling me that the sandwich-style application process (with your own lashes in the middle of two other magnetic lash strips) was easy, I could not figure it out. What makes Kiss's Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelash Kit ($17) different is that the lashes attach to the eyeliner instead of a second set of lashes. As someone who already wears liquid eyeliner daily, I eagerly tried out this new method, hoping I could finally apply falsies with ease.

First, I applied the extremely pigmented black eyeliner to my lash line and created a wing, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to apply and how smoothly it went on. As I waited for my eyeliner to dry, I unpacked the lashes, which feature five tiny magnets on the strip. I cut mine a little bit from the inside to fit my eyes, then went to apply them to my eyes. I kid you not, the entire process took me under a minute because these lashes instantly secured themselves to my eyelid and did not budge. I don't wear falsies very often, but that might change. Because Kiss just made false lashes less time consuming than layering on mascara — a feat I never thought would happen.

Check out the before-and-after photos ahead, as well as the different lash options.

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