If You Need a New Activity, Might We Suggest Re-Creating Kylie Jenner's Rainbow Manicure?

Can't decide on a nail-polish color? Might we suggest all of them? To no surprise, Kylie Jenner has been experimenting with all sorts of beauty treatments and trends during this period of staying home. Among them is a subtle but sweet french manicure using a different color on each nail, including lilac, yellow, and lime green. The rainbow tips are nicely contrasted by a matte nude foundation.

The springtime manicure feels like quite the departure for Jenner, who typically wears long, square acrylics in loud colors or featuring extravagant nail art. Instead, her nails are now much shorter and bear a more classic oval shape. What's next? No more Lip Kits? (Kidding.) Check out the manicure below, and feel free to bust out all your polishes for your own at-home attempt.