This Horror-Inspired Lipstick Line Drops Just in Time For Your Halloween Movie Marathon

As self-proclaimed Halloween obsessives, you'd best believe that we're always on the lookout for product launches related to our favorite holiday. Whether it's Hocus Pocus bath bombs or skull makeup brush holders, we're constantly hunting for ways to infuse a bit of Halloween into our beauty routine — so when LA Splash Cosmetics posted spoilers for an upcoming lipstick line inspired by classic horror stories, we immediately marked our calendars.

So far, the cult beauty brand has revealed eight shades of matte liquid lipstick that are set to drop as part of the new Classic Horror line in October. Creature — inspired by Creature From the Black Lagoon — is a vivid violet. Drac, short for Dracula, is a deep burgundy, while Frankie (of Frankenstein fame) is a brick-red hue. Dr. Jeky, one half of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is a muted, camel-toned brown lipstick perfect for everyday wear, which begs the question . . . will there be a crazy lipstick shade inspired by his alter ego, Hyde?

Ms. Invisible, inspired by The Invisible Man, isn't invisible at all — rather, it's a muted, grungy green. Phantom has a plum-purple tone, while Mummy is a soft greige — sort of like mummy bandages! Werewolf is precisely the blue-gray hue of a midnight sky during a full moon and might just be our overall favorite shade from the line.

So far, LA Splash hasn't released many additional details about the line, but we'll be waiting with bated breath for any news about the Classic Horror collection. Here's hoping that the October drop date is early in the month, so we can wear these scary-chic lipsticks while watching 13 Nights of Halloween! In the meantime, check out the horror-inspired product packaging and a few stunning swatches.