Lili Reinhart and Vanessa Morgan Got the Cutest Designs During an At-Home Tattoo Session

Lili Reinhart and Vanessa Morgan are sporting two new pieces of ink. The Riverdale costars got together over the weekend for an at-home session with tattoo artist Kiju, and they ended things with two pretty personal designs.

According to both of their Instagram Stories and photos posted to the artist's page, Reinhart got a constellation tattoo above an eye and a rose on her inner forearm arm, while Morgan got a wrist tattoo of her son River's name in cursive. "My heart on my sleeve," she captioned a photo shared to Instagram. Though Reinhart wasn't clear on the inspiration behind her tattoo, the evil eye, in certain cultures, is believed to protect people from bad luck and negativity.

Reinhart has a handful of other tattoos that we know of, including a rose, a cross, an Earth sign, and an arrow. Morgan has at least three others including one of her mother's initials on her rib cage and a rose on the left side of her torso.