Lizzo's Latest Manicure Features 3D Chains and Holographic Stars, Because of Course

Lizzo's nail art is always top-notch thanks to her manicurist Eri Lishizu, and the pair just revealed her latest masterpiece. Lizzo posted a close-up of her newest nail look to her Instagram story, which features small gold chains by her cuticles and tiny holographic stars on top of a milky pink base color.

The dreamy look is the latest in Lishizu's stellar manicures for the singer. Recently, Lizzo wore a spooky red-drip nail art look, and before that stunned fans with a textured gold nugget manicure.

Ahead, check out Lizzo's most recent nail art.

Lizzo's Star-Studded Chain Nails
Instagram | izzobeeating

Lizzo's Star-Studded Chain Nails