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The Best Fall Haircut Trends From London

These Are the Coolest Fall Haircut Trends in London, According to Top Hairstylists

The Best Fall Haircut Trends From London
Image Sources: Not Another Salon and Charlotte Mensah

Now, there are no rules on what classifies a haircut as "autumnal," but there are seasonally popular trends that might inspire your next style — and where better to get your inspiration than across the pond? That's why we asked some of the top hairstylists in London to share what haircut trends they're loving for Fall 2019 and exactly how to replicate the looks for yourself.

Unlike hair color trends, you can't get a haircut that replicates the shades or vibe of the Fall season. But what you can do is make your cut easier to manage in the chiller weather (see ya, hat hair). For example, Paul Windle, founder of Windle London salon, is excited about embracing natural hair texture, giving any cut a modern and manageable refresh that is super easy to maintain in the cooler, dryer months.

However, if embracing your natural hair isn't what you fancy this season, there are plenty of ways to be daring with a new style. Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon in London, encourages going distinctive with your cut and experimenting with the modern mullet. While Adir Abergel, creative director at Virtue, is loving an equally bold and edgy "boy cut" look. (Abergel is based in California but gave client Charlize Theron a bowl cut while she was filming in London, and the look has definitely taken off there.) Sound intimidating? After seeing the inspiration ahead, you might not think so after all.

If you're looking to switch up your cut for the new season, keep reading to see exactly what haircuts the pros are loving for Fall and how you can make the cut work for you — no matter your preference or hair type.

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