Does Lorde Have Tattoos? The Answer May Surprise You

As far as celebrities go, Lorde is a particularly private person. When she's not dropping music videos by surprise, like she recently did for "Solar Power," or promoting an album, she stays relatively quiet on social media. In fact, her last three Instagram posts, which encompass all of the content currently on her account, are all album-related. That leaves her fans left to their own devices when it comes to figuring out other details of her life, like if she has any tattoos.

The answer to that burning question is no, Lorde doesn't have tattoos — at least, not that anyone knows about. The singer has never openly posted or talked about getting body ink — although, it's worth noting that plenty of her diehard fans have gotten tattoos for her.

The closest thing Lorde has gotten to a tattoo recently is drawing a simple sun illustration on the palm of her hand in the "Solar Power" music video. Maybe she'll celebrate the release of her third studio album on Aug. 20 with a new tattoo — only time will tell.