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Lori Harvey Tests Skin-Care Products on Michael B. Jordan

Lori Harvey Is the Reason Michael B. Jordan's Skin Has Been Looking So Good Lately

If you happened to notice Michael B. Jordan's skin has been glowing lately, it's all thanks to Lori Harvey and her new skin-care line. While taking us through her beauty routine in a video for Vogue on Wednesday, the model shared that she's "pretty much gotten all of the men in [her] life on a skin-care regimen," including her boyfriend, Jordan, and her dad, Steve Harvey.

"He has become my live test model."

Harvey, who has a brand "coming out very soon," previewed some of her products in the video, including a low-pH cleanser, daytime serum, moisturizer, and "perfect" eye cream, and revealed Jordan was part of the testing process. "I tested all my products of course on myself, but I also tested them on my boyfriend. He has become my live test model, so now he's very into his skin-care routine as well. He tells me all the time that when he's on set, the makeup artists compliment his skin now." She also took credit for her father's skin glow-up, explaining that he "did nothing" prior. She added, "If you're wondering why his skin looks so good lately, it's because of me."

As she went on to show her '90s glam makeup look, revealing tips and tricks from makeup artists and her mom along the way, Harvey opened up about the inspiration behind her beauty line. "Pat [McGrath] is my all-time makeup, beauty inspiration," she said, sharing that the iconic makeup artist was the first person she worked with in the beauty industry. "There's definitely a lack of Black women in the beauty space and in the skin-care space, so she definitely inspired me to create my own brand." Watch Harvey's full routine above to find out exactly what she does to get her gorgeous glow.

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