Lucy Hale, Feeling Like Bob Ross, Dyed Her Roots at Home With a Paintbrush and Coffee Mug

Lucy Hale took to her Instagram Stories to thank her fans for watching her new CW show Katy Keene while casually touching up her roots with a paintbrush. Yes, you read that right. "Hi guys! No, I'm not painting, I'm just doing my roots because, your girl needed some help," Hale said at the start of the video.

Like most of us, Hale is clearly feeling the effects of hair salons being closed due to the coronavirus. California, where Hale resides, has been under a stay-at-home order since March 19, forcing all nonessential businesses, like hair salons, to close doors until further notice. That was seven weeks ago, and considering most professionals recommend you visit the salon every four to six weeks for regular root touch-ups, she is long overdue for a color refresh on her dark brunette hair.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Hale's paintbrush technique in action. "All right, I feel like Bob Ross," she said after giving her coffee mug of hair dye another stir with the brush before signing off.