Lucy Hale's Golden Honey-Blond Hair Color Will Inspire You to Go Light For Summer

Red, black, dirty blond, light brown, dark brown, pink — Lucy Hale has experimented with all the hair colors in recent years, and now, you can add honey blond to the list. The actress posted a selfie of her new look on Instagram and captioned it with three emoji: "🍋🍯✂️."

Hale also said "thanks a bunch" in the caption to the hairstylists behind the honey-blond color and fresh bob haircut. UK-based colorist John Clark and stylist Jonny Eagland worked together to create the summer look at the John Frieda London Salon.

The rich, honey-blond shade is perfect for anyone looking to lighten up their hair for summertime without going platinum. If you're a natural brunette like Hale, the color will require routine trips to the salon to keep it bright and touch up your roots, but it's worth it for the golden hue.