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Madelaine Petsch On Her Extensive Beauty Routine

Madelaine Petsch on the $4 Beauty Product That Makes Her Feel Luxurious

Madelaine Petsch On Her Extensive Beauty Routine
Image Source: Getty / David Crotty

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We'd like to make this clear: Madelaine Petsch's beauty routine doesn't actually consist of 38 steps. The Riverdale star was featured in a YouTube video for Vogue last year in which she gave viewers a rundown of her entire regimen from skin care to makeup, and extensive as it was, she wants you to know that her everyday routine is a lot more pared down than that.

"This is going to haunt my life," she told POPSUGAR. "No human being in their right mind has that much stuff on their face. I was under the impression that they were going to cut it down."

These days — especially since she's just been named a brand ambassador for Bliss — she'd describe her skin-care routine as being pretty simple and filled with multi-use products. "I do actually use a lot of face tools in the morning," she said. "I'm very into icing my face before I go to work for water retention and puffiness. I do a nice lymphatic drainage massage on myself as well."

Skin-care routine aside, Petsch opened up to POPSUGAR about her post-quarantine plans, her holy grail hair product, and why she views beauty as a form of self care. Read ahead to see her thoughts.

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