Madelaine Petsch Tattooed a Stick Figure on Her Friend at Home, and We Have Questions

In case you were wondering how Madelaine Petsch spent her Thursday evening, let us clue you in. It involved an at-home tattoo gun and inking a stick figure on her friend's knee. Intrigued? So were we.

Petsch posted snapshots of the evening on June 25 to her Instagram Stories, starting with a photo of a tattoo gun sprawled out on the floor. She wrote on the photo, "Hey google how do you set up a tattoo gun." The following upload was a video of Petsch gloved up with the tattoo gun in hand. Her subject? The very trusting Alex Fine.

The final video uploaded to Petsch's IGS showed her finished masterpiece — a tiny stick-figure sketch on Fine's knee. "This is Howie my new friend," Fine said to the camera, seemingly quite pleased with his new ink.

While we can't say for sure, it's not likely Petsch got a tattoo along with Fine last night. She's been known to be against permanent ink on her body and has gone as far as saying, "I won't be getting them ever," in an interview.

While this less-than-perfect, amateur tattoo certainly makes for a good story, we strongly recommend against tattooing people (or yourself) from home as it's not sanitary and can lead to an infection. This, like piercings or highlights, is best left to the professionals.

See photos of Petsch's at-home tattoo adventure ahead.