Madelyn Cline's Way of Celebrating Outer Banks' Rise to #1 on Netflix: Shaving Her Eyebrow

If you've been loving Netflix's latest teen drama Outer Banks, you are not alone — in fact, the series has officially risen to the No. 1 spot on Netflix. Of all the cast members' celebrations, the most surprising had to be Madelyn Cline's. The actress, who plays Sarah Cameron, shaved part of her left eyebrow.

She posted a video of the moment — which Cline's rep tells us was shot ahead of time as part of a Tomfoolery series when Outer Banks was in production — on Instagram with the caption, "To celebrate @obx being NUMBER ONE on netflix today here is me shaving my eyebrow on a dare. Do we dare call it tomfoolery pt. 11? THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!! We're here because of you and we see all of you and we love all of you."

While it's certainly the most unconventional commemoration, on the upside, she can definitely rock a half brow.