Marsai Martin With Blond Hair and Shadow Roots Is Our Summer Hair Goals

Marsai Martin has always been one to experiment with her makeup, but her signature dark-brown hair has been a constant. That is, until she debuted a much lighter, blond style on June 26. Maybe it's the freedom of finally being able to return to the hair salon for a much-needed refresh after months of stay-at-home orders, but everyone is going blond for the summer.

"Rise and shine sleepyheads," read the Instagram caption on Martin's photo showing off the new hairstyle. Not only did she go blond, but she also gave one of the other major summer hair-color trends a try: shadow roots. The easy-to-maintain color involves embracing your natural, grown-out roots while lightening the rest of your hair. Shadow roots are the perfect solution to your post-lockdown hair troubles and involve very little upkeep.

In the second photo Martin uploaded on Instagram of her new look, she posed on a pool float looking like the picture-perfect definition of summer. See the photos of Martin's blond hair ahead.