Marsai Martin's "Strawberry-Milk" Nails Look Delicious

Forget a Pinterest board — just take a quick look at Marsai Martin's Instagram if you need any nail inspiration. On April 12, the actor posted a carousel of pictures to record her time spent at Disneyland. Between her gorgeous, windswept hair and selfies with friends, you may not have caught Martin's "strawberry-milk" nails — but they're worth saving for later.

Martin's manicure was medium length and filed into a sharp square shape. Each finger was then painted a cloudy-pink color, giving them that "strawberry-milk" hue, and finished with a shiny topcoat. "Strawberry-milk" nails are a spin on the milk-bath manicure trend, which typically features a white color. More opaque than the "supermodel" nail trend but less so than a true pastel nail polish, this hue is the perfect middle ground for anyone who is on the market for a versatile transitional mani.

Martin has long been a source of nail envy and has even turned her love for the category into her own press-on brand: Mari by Marsai. From red carpets to photoshoots, the entrepreneur has been seen in every design under the sun, including jade accents, french tips, and textured details. As always, Martin remains ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest in the beauty space because in just a few weeks, "strawberry-milk nails undoubtedly be all over your For You page. Until then, take a closer look at Martin's version below.

Image Source: Instagram user @marsaimartin