Megan Thee Stallion Got Marble Nails to Match Her Jumpsuit, and Yeah, I'm Getting Ideas

Between performances, new music releases, and a hilarious recent appearance on The Late Late Show, it's been a busy few weeks for Megan Thee Stallion, though not busy enough for her to forget about changing up her nail art a few times. The rapper has worn everything from a pink Powerpuff Girls-inspired set to a classic French manicure to her most recent set of marble tips, and we're starting to think she does nail art better than anyone else.

Megan and her nail artist, Coca Michelle, both shared photos of the nails on social media, and they appear to be painted in a marble-like design in earth-tone colors. But if that wasn't over-the-top enough, the nails also match the jumpsuit she wore in the photos, so don't mind us if you find us fully committing to matching our manicures to our outfits in the near future.